New list with well known names

New list with well known names

Athens, December 8, 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

With unprecedented for Greek standards and procedures and with the assistance of German experts plans the government to proceed to the Boryan list. This is the new digital list with information for 10.588 Greek bank accounts in Swiss bank, which was received on November 24 by the Greek Ministry of Finance from the tax administration in North Rhine-Westphalia.

The list contains names of major account holders with amounts totaling 3.9 billion Swiss francs (about 3.6 billion Euros) for 2006 and 2.9 billion Francs (2.6 billion Euros) in 2008.

According to reports, the names are well known from across the economic spectrum in the country, without excluding the bank accounts of politicians and their families. Shipowners, businesspeople, industrialists, are all represented in the Boryan list, which is now in the hands of the Greek authorities.

According to the revelations of the news show “Live News” of Nikos Evangelatos, strange deposits are said to belong to a well-known businessman of Northern Greece, who also has very close contacts with a former prime minister. The information indicates that these strange deposits reach 57 million euros, while gray areas have been identified in the handling of money.

The list includes a well-known entrepreneur from the brewery sector, also from Northern Greece and a businessman with known relationships from the past with a leading member of PASOK.

In the political arena, allegedly there is a family member of a politician.

Remarkable is the presence in the list from Germany of a businessman with bankrupt companies, but who appears to have in his name high deposits at UBS.

Of course journalists would not be possible to be missing from the list. Specifically, there are allegedly three journalists, very well known primarily from the field of television and the printed press, who are located in the new list from the Rhine.