‘Liberland’ opens its office in Belgrade

‘Liberland’ opens its office in Belgrade

Vít Jedlička, founder and the president of Liberland, opened the office of this ‘micronation’ in Belgrade on Wednesday. Jedlička said that the office is opened in order to become the “linking factor” and to attract as many people as possible to visit both Serbia and Liberland.

Jedlička, Czech right-libertarian, politician and activist, has proclaimed Liberland in an uninhabited parcel of disputed land on the western bank of the Danube, between Croatia and Serbia in 2015.

He expressed his satisfaction over the “positive position” of Serbian foreign ministry towards Liberland. Serbia reacted with approval from the very foundation of Liberland, unlike Croatia, Jedlička said.

“Croatia considers us as a kind of joke, or mockery. It is actually very funny to create a new country, but we are not a joke and we are going to prove that”, Jedlička said at the press conference.

According to Jedlička, a number of people have requested to get Liberland’s citizenship. Prompted by this fact, Liberland’s “officials” have proclaimed certain criteria for those who want to get its passport: they should prove that they have not committed any kind of crime; they have to respect different religions and property of other people…

Danijel Dabek, the “representative” of Liberland in Serbia, said that building a new nation requires the cooperation of citizens and the support of neighbouring countries.

Liberland, 7 square kilometers wide, was created because of the Croatia–Serbia border dispute, in which some areas to the east of Danube are claimed by both Serbia and Croatia, while some others to the west, including the area of Liberland, are considered as part of Serbia by Croatia, but Serbia does not claim them.

There has been no diplomatic recognition of Liberland by any United Nations member, although it has established relations with the unrecognised Somaliland…./IBNA

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