Liberalization of visa regime would stop illegal emigration, says Kosovo’s government

Liberalization of visa regime would stop illegal emigration, says Kosovo’s government

Pristina, February 4, 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Minister of Interior, Skender Hysani has declared today that the liberalization of the visa regime with the EU member countries would stop illegal migrants from Kosovo.

Hyseni made these comments during a meeting with ambassadors of EU member countries accredited in pristine.

Invited by the head of the EU office to Pristina, Samuel Zbogar, minister Hyseni made a short presentation in front of the ambassadors about illegal migration, violent extremism and answered the ambassadors’ questions about the latest protests and the removal of minister for Returns and Communities, Aleksandar Jablanovic.

All EU ambassadors said that citizens of Kosovo who migrate illegally will not be granted asylum and that they will all be repatriated.

Minister Hyseni said that many people in Kosovo are choosing to leave the country due to economic reasons.

“Criminals are taking advantage of the misfortune of the citizens of Kosovo”, said minister Hyseni, calling upon EU member countries to fast track applications for the citizens of Kosovo.

While saying that the government of Kosovo will address the causes of migration in the long term, minister said that Kosovo will not remain an isolated country and that the fast liberalization of the visa regime is in the best interest of the citizens of Kosovo and EU countries, which are facing large numbers of Kosovo emigrants.

Meanwhile, the EU office in Kosovo said today that the EU member countries grant asylum to those people who leave persecution in their country and as a result, they need international protection.

“In Kosovo’s case, there’s no chance that its nationals may be granted asylum. Every decision on an application is individual, but it must be stressed that the majority of asylum applications from Kosovo are refused”, says the press statement of the EU office in Pristina.

As far as the dialogue for the liberalization of visas is concerned, EU office said that Kosovo is damaged “ if the number of asylum applications in the EU by Kosovo’s nationals continues to grow”. /ibna/