Liberalization of visas is in the hands of the opposition

Liberalization of visas is in the hands of the opposition

Even this year, citizens of Kosovo will not be able to move freely in the Schengen countries, because authorities have not met the conditions stemming from the visa liberalization guideline.

The two conditions that Kosovo must deliver is the ratification of the Demarcation Agreement with Montenegro and the fight of corruption and organized crime.

Prime Minister of Kosovo, Isa Mustafa says that the opposition is preventing the process for the liberalization of visas.

“The ratification for the border demarcation with Montenegro must be finalized at the end of this month. If the opposition continues to contest it, this process will be delayed for much longer”, Mustafa said.

Meanwhile, the head of the Kosovo government said that the second condition which relates to the liberalization of visas, fight against corruption, has been delivered.

“It is clear that the second condition that relates to the fight of organized crime and corruption has been delivered and now we must approve the agreement on demarcation in order for Kosovo citizens to benefit from the free movement regime”, Mustafa said. /