First LGBTI opinion poll in the Balkans is conducted

First  LGBTI opinion poll in the Balkans is conducted

NDI opinion poll on issues concerning LGBT, the first one of this kind in the Balkan region: The biggest problem is the lack of information. Reactions in Albania

Tirana, 15 April 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

National Democratic Institute (NDI) has conducted an opinion poll on LGBTI issues in Western Balkans. The respondents were above the age of 18, including both the general public with face to face polls and also members of LGBTI through online polls, in Albania, Kosovo, FYROM, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia.

More than 1000 face to face interviews have been carried out in each state and they have pointed out that one of the biggest problems is the lack of information by the general public on issues concerning LGBTI. Even within the identification of people that are included in this acronym there is lack of information. Albanians have more information about the fact that gay and lesbian people are included in the LGBTI category, but they have less information on bisexual, trans-gender and inter-sexual groups. Only 8% of respondents in Albania have given an accurate answer to the question.

In Albania, only 36% of the general population interviewed believes that LGBTI members are denigrated by the family, society or colleagues at work due to their sexual orientation and gender identity, while the percentage of LBTI community members who have an accurate answer was 76%.

In contrast to several Balkan countries, where the biggest abusers of psychological violence are in schools or among street thugs, in Albania, in the majority of cases, this violence is exerted by family and friends. But this is not the case about physical violence. LGBTI members have replied that physical violence is mostly exerted by unknowns on the street.

“If my child was LGBTI, I would do everything to cure him”, is the opinion dominating in almost all Balkan countries. But Albania and Kosovo seem to be more radical in terms of the other measures that they would take, as a significant number of Albanians have replied “I would not talk to him” and “I would kick him out of the house”. /