Lesbos-China cultural collaboration agreement

Lesbos-China cultural collaboration agreement

A delegation of Chinese officials officials of the Yuntaishan Geopark of China, southwest of Beijing, “paid a visit to the Lesvos Island UNESCO Global Geopark on Tuesday and discussed a possible collaboration between the Yuntaishan and the Lesvos site to highlight geological monuments and the preservation of geological features”, reports ANA-MPA.

First, the delegation visited the famous petrified forest in Sigri, where they heard how petrified trees are preserved thanks to and through an extensive programme. It is of great importance that Sigri has been included in global projects more than once and has attracted the interest of creative minds and history-culture specialists. One such project was the 2015 Earlybird Project‘.

The director of the Sigri museum, Professor Nikos Zouros, spoke to ANA-MPA and said: “The visit of the delegation from China is expected to help significantly in developing future collaborations, and especially in promoting Lesvos in China.”

Later on, the Chinese officials went to the Museum of Natural History and were briefed on exhibitions that are held, the educational programmes “and awareness events for natural disasters and how to manage. They were particularly interested in the use of a platform that simulates an earthquake, to educate the public about temblors.”

They also visited the Castle of Mytilini, the Vranas Museum of Olive Oil Production, the ancient Sanctuary of Messos and the Exhibit “‘The Forest Under the Road” in Mytilini’s information center for the Geopark.'”

Greeks and the Chinese delegation signed an agreement that will allow them to work together and exchange the know-how “in the protection and promotion of natural monuments, the development of niche tourism, educational programmes, staff training, the development of joint scientific programs and the promotion of joint and visiting exhibitions, among other things.”…/IBNA

Photo: molyvos.eu