Lesbos: More than 12,700 refugees

Lesbos: More than 12,700 refugees

Athens, September 1, 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

Human rivers, hundreds of people from Skala Sykamnias and Molivos are moving every day non-stop to Mytilene.

Thousands of immigrants and Syrians, the vast majority of them refugees, under the hot sun, during the night, men, women and many children are walking.

Their aim is arrive in the city of Mytilene and be arrested from the Coast Guard, thus starting the process of their identification and the “legalisation” of their presence on the island, which will then lead to their departure for Athens.

The situation along the northern and eastern coast of Lesvos is tragic.

The shores are orange from the tens of thousands life jackets worn by fugitives who pass from the Turkish coast to Lesvos. Along with them, hundreds of boats of all sizes.

It comes to show that it is impossible for the bodies of the government to proceed with their collection, at least directly. What has become a priority is to provide some basic hygiene rules for all those who arrive on the island worn out and look for a shade to rest.

In Skala Sykamnias, and what’s more in Sykamnia, the situation has reached an impasse. Garbage everywhere, life jackets and between them weary people.

The government of the region emits SOS, asking for something to be done… “It cannot continue like this any longer, were are asking for assistance”, says the statement of the local community and administrative services of Sykamnias.

In the shadow of the bust of Stratis Myrivilis, who in his book “Life in the Grave” spoke of the evils of war, find a few hours of rest the fugitives of wars in the Middle East. But this is not enough…

If one sits on the rock of the “Holy Mairy the mermaid” in Skala Sykamnias, is as if one relives scenes from the operation of the landing of Normandy. Dozens, hundreds of boats approach the coastline unhindered and disembark people. Helpless, they begin the journey towards “the promised land”.

The only one that awaits them in the coast is one of the locals who is interested only for the sole object value they have with them, the outboard engine. Once they get out of the boat, he starts the plunder. Minutes later, the only thing that’s left are useless life jacket and torn boats.

On Monday, by 2 pm, arrived at Mytilene from their landing points or saved by vessels by the Coast Guard, 1,700 migrants and refugees who were added to the approximately 11,000 people who were already on the island.

Of these, 4300 will depart at noon Tuesday from Mytilene with the ships “Terra Jet” and “Eleftherios Venizelos”, which will receive 1800 and 2500 refugees and immigrants respectively.