Left Platform: An exit from the eurozone won’t be a disaster

Left Platform: An exit from the eurozone won’t be a disaster

Athens, May 28, 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

An exit from the eurozone won’t be as disastrous as it is attempted to be presented by the lenders and their domestic exponents”, says the Left Platform of SYRIZA, in response to statements made by Jean-Claude Juncker.

With a text that was posted on iskra.gr and entitled “New Juncker hit for full Greek folding”, the Left Platform accuses the president of the European Commission of interfering in the internal affairs of the government and of SYRIZA and of attempting new blow at the expense of the Greek positions.

The text reads as follows:

A new blow attempts black front of lenders against the Greek positions, with the president of the Commission JC Juncker taking the baton from Ol. Blanchard, chief economist of the IMF. In an extensive and revealing interview Tuesday (26/5), Juncker put on the table all the claims of the so-called “partners” against the Greek people. The allegedly “conciliatory” and “diplomat” JC Juncker stated his position moving in three directions.

First priority for the Head of the European Commission is the defrosting and acceleration of the sell-out proceedings of the remaining state assets. Indeed he highlighted this issue, saying: “We need to have more information on privatization because the numbers change. Under the existing program it is 22 billion euros, while after that there was a proposal for 17 billion. The figure now is lower and it cannot be lower”.

The second axis is the overhaul of VAT rates towards a more unpopular direction and the consequent drain on the citizen’s assets by 1.8 billion euros. Especially at this point JC Juncker explained that the target for additional VAT revenues should correspond to 1% of the GDP!

From Juncker’s intervention there were references to changes on labour rights and the pension system. Just a day earlier, Ol. Blanchard of the IMF, had turned his arrows in the same direction.

Provocative interference in the internal affairs of the government and SYRIZA

The pressures against the country were not limited to measures that require lenders to advance the discussions between the two sides. Juncker made a blatant intervention in the internal affairs of the government and of SYRIZA, stating that he does not trust the ruling party, because it is not a “normal party”!!!

Juncker’s unacceptable attitude towards a great democratic party such as SYRIZA, rushed to embrace the “The River”. Its head St. Theodorakis, in a pitiful effort to appear likeable to his Euro-Atlantic bosses, called on Tsipras “to decide who will take and who will let go. You can’t have both are both. You can’t have Lafazanis and Europe, Kammenos and Europe, Baltas and Europe”…

Challenge for the government the steady implementation of the progressive program

However, Juncker could not hide the concern of the German EU ruling circles and their transatlantic “allies” for a possible withdrawal of Greece from the eurozone. Specifically, in response to a question, the head of the European Commission fully aligned with US Secretary of the Treasury regarding the unpredictable consequences of a Grexit, saying: “It is certain that if something negative happens [eg] a Grexit, or a Graccident or a bankruptcy, this will not only affect Greece. I have always said clearly that we do not know the consequences of this and that it would obviously have repercussions for the eurozone and through it the global economy. So, this is of course a Greek problem, but it is also our problem”.

An exit from the eurozone is not the disaster the lenders and their domestic exponents are trying to present it, since they themselves now admit that the difficulties will have to face will be much greater than those that might be experienced by Greece.

In any case, if an agreement that is compatible government program is not reached, our country has many alternative sustainable solutions to implement its programmatic commitments, with the aim to steadily come out of the long economic crisis and the recovery of the country.