Leader of the SP meets with voters in Belsh

Leader of the SP meets with voters in Belsh

Elbasan, May 27, 2013

The leader of the Socialist Party, Edi Rama started his meetings this week with voters in the area of Dumre, in Elbasan.

In the meeting held with voters at the center of Belsh, Rama said that, “Today, after four years, there are more ditches on this road, there’s more gloominess in this place, where apart from the good hearts of the people there’s nothing else but poverty. This is the reality”.

According to the socialist leader, “Premier Berisha said that we have spent more in roads and this is the starting reason to punish this government, because it has spent more money than building roads”, said Rama.

Rama promised that the socialist government will get rid of monopolies in the country, insuring the residents of Belsh that by voting the Socialist Party on June 23, they will give way to changes in their lives. “Proud that in Elbasan we have chosen the best political team ever and convinced on your extraordinary support this time, I assure you that by voting the SP on June 23, you will vote for your life to change”, said Rama.

Rama said that he was confident that the Renaissance team in Elbasan will be an excellent contributor of the victory of the Socialist Party on June 23. “We have a program which above others is the program of Renaissance in the countryside, because we believe that rural areas can guarantee the wellbeing of urban areas”, concluded Rama during his meeting in Belsh. /ibna/