Leader of the SP: Losers cannot behave like winners

Leader of the SP: Losers cannot behave like winners

Tirana, July 9, 2013

The leader of the Socialist Party, Edi Rama demanded today to the new MPs of his party to close the chapter of the victory and start the chapter of good governance.

“On June 23, Albanians gave us, along with our strategic ally the SMI, many seats in parliament. But now we must close the happy chapter and open the chapter of good governance in the country, where reality has nothing to be happy about”, said Rama.

According to Rama, a new challenge has started. “We are no longer in opposition. These two months have been of a particular importance”.

The next Prime Minister of the country called upon Berisha’s government for self-constraint at the service of the country and the public. “We live in Europe and the acting government must behave according to European standards. Albanians deserve respect because they elected with 1 million votes our winning project and refused the project of the current government. The losers cannot behave as if nothing has happened”, said Rama.

Rama warned that once the new government takes its oath, every decision which consists on expenses and which goes beyond the role of a caretaking government, will be undone.

“In the past two days, I had meetings with president Bujar Nishani, General Attorney Adriatik Llalla and governor of the Central Bank, Ardian Fullani. I’d like to thank them for the positive spirit of cooperation, but I cannot agree with the promotion of several judges by the Supreme Council of Justice. I have told to president Nishani that the fact that we come from two different camps is not a problem, as long as the spirit of cooperation exists. I hope that the president will well read the vote of 1 million Albanians who gave us 84 seats in parliament”, said Rama. /ibna/