Leader of SD: Thaci must be sent to prison

Leader of SD: Thaci must be sent to prison

Pristina, July 11, 2013

Parliament of Kosovo is debating over the amnesty bill brought in parliament for a second time.

The bill has been supported by coalition parties such as PDK, AKR and minorities. Meanwhile, opposition parties such as LDK and AAK have expressed their support for this bill.

Against this bill so far has been the MP of PDK, Hydajet Hyseni who had abstained during the first voting.

Meanwhile, the leader of Self Determination Movement, Albin Kurti said that Kosovo is negotiating with Serbia because Thaci says so.

“Prime Minister of Kosovo must carry out a major act, that of going to prison. I call upon him to go to EULEX and Prosecutor of Kosovo in order to confess the corruption in which he has been involved”, said Kurti.

Kurti added that the martyrs sacrificed themselves for Kosovo, while Thaci is sacrificing Kosovo for himself.

Last Thursday, the bill could not be passed as it didn’t receive the necessary votes in parliament. The bill has been objected, in spite of the amendments. /ibna/