Leader of opposition receives the head of the Foreign Committee in the Italian Senate

Leader of opposition receives the head of the Foreign Committee in the Italian Senate

Tirana, October 20, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

Leader of the Democratic Party in Albania, Lulzim Basha, received today the head of the Foreign Committee in the Italian Senate, Pier Ferdinando Casini.

In this meeting, Basha expressed to President Casini his gratitude for the help that Italy, the Italian Senate and he, personally, have given to Albania in all domains, especially in the European integration and NATO accession.

During this meeting, Basha expressed his concern that the constant violation of the Constitution, the refusal to grant the opposition the possibility to exert its democratic control through parliamentary inquiry committees, the failure to apply Constitutional Court rulings, the denial of the opposition’s free speech by exerting verbal and physical violence, have given the opposition zero possibilities of exerting its democratic functions and have led it to boycott parliament.

“In spite of the daily appeals of the opposition, the majority not only has not reflected for the criminalization of parliament and unacceptable events of violence against opposition MPs, proven by footage, but they have also intensified through the attempts to control independent institutions, the Magistrates School, the courts of the country and recently, the Supreme Council of Justice. Through its so called inquiry committees, the majority is violating the independence of powers and in breach of the Constitution of the country, it proposes the suspension of mandates for two members of this institution”, said Basha.

He said that in this serious situation, the Democratic Party is asking the majority to reflect and offer political guarantees, which can be measured by the international community, that the Constitution and court rulings will not be broken again, in order to launch a cooperation between majority and opposition in order to dismantle the mechanism that promotes crime in parliament and state structures.

Basha said that the daily battle of the opposition is the only way to stop this majority that wants to replace democracy with an oligarchic regime. He said that the Democratic Party is determined to preserve the same democratic standards that Albanians managed to build throughout the years. /ibna/