Leader of the opposition: The President failed the mission of the country as a NATO member

Leader of the opposition: The President failed the mission of the country as a NATO member

Tirana, June 3, 2013

The leader of the Socialist Party, Edi Rama considered the relief from duty of three senior generals from the Ministry of Defense as brutal.

During a meeting with journalists, Rama said that, “in every NATO member country, their departure would be unacceptable. I have closely followed everything that the generals have said and discerned what they have knowingly done before and after they were relieved. This is a brutal action in the process of the destruction of the army by the minister and the General Chief of Staff, who have given up their duty and who have made the very existence of the Ministry and the General Staff irrational”, declared Rama by considering the President of the Republic as a cadet of the Prime Minister.

“After the country became a NATO member, there has not been a fresh repositioning. After the creation of the new state of Kosovo, there has not been a reflection”, said Rama, expressing his solidarity with the three fired generals.

As far as the journalists’ questions as to whether there were differences between the SP and SMI on progressive tax, Rama answered by saying that, “there are no differences between us on progressive tax. We have agreed on introducing honest taxation and two levels of taxation as far as companies and individuals are concerned.

We’re a large coalition. In this campaign there’s a natural effort to gain maximum support. We have no disagreements and the government will be created thanks to the will of the people”, said Rama, expressing his conviction that the coalition that he leads will gain 77-80 seats in parliament. “Albanians will vote the Alliance for a European Albania, because they have more reason to punish bad governing and offer the opposition a chance to form a new government”, said Rama to journalists. /ibna/