Leader of opposition in Kosovo, Visar Ymeri, arrested

Leader of opposition in Kosovo, Visar Ymeri, arrested

Pristina, 2 March 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

This morning, police in Kosovo have arrested the leader of the Self Determination Party, Visar Ymeri.

Police spokeswoman, Flora Ahmeti said that his arrest has been made based on a warrant issued by the Court of First Instance in Pristina. Ahmeti didn’t reveal the reasons why the leader of the Kosovo opposition was arrested.

Meanwhile, Self Determination Party has immediately reacted over this arrest.

“The reasons for this medieval type prosecution are entirely political, given that for six months in a row Self Determination has managed to block the agreements that damage the country”, the press release says.

Self Determination says that Visar Ymeri has been arrested although he has immunity as a member of parliament.

“He has been forcefully taken to court where he was demanded to testify. The arrest of the head of the biggest opposition party comes after hundreds of arrests of Self Determination activists and MPs in the last six months”, says the reaction of Self Determination.

From the leader of Self Determination to MPs and activists of this political party have recently faced legal repercussions due to their behavior in parliament and the use of teargas or due to the protests on the streets, which in some cases have degenerated in violence and clashes with police. /ibna/