LDK in Kosovo insists on the post of Prime Minister

LDK in Kosovo insists on the post of Prime Minister

Pristina, November 19, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Largest opposition party in Kosovo, Democratic League of Kosovo says that there exists an agreement with the partners of the opposition bloc, AAK-Incentive and Self Determination and that it will not discuss with any other party for the formation of the governing coalition.

Following the meeting of LDK’s steering committee, its vice chairman, Lutfi Haziri said that this party will gather today (Wednesday) in order to decide on the nomination of the leader of the party, Isa Mustafa as Prime Minister.

“Of course we will engage in line with the principles of the formation of the government and our role in the post election coalition to find a solution for this political crisis which has engulfed Kosovo since June 10”, declared Haziri.

“Given that LDK has an agreement in power and given that it has its partners, in has no need to talk to anybody else. The meeting of the party structures will continue tomorrow with the meeting of the General Committee in order for LDK to have the post of the PM”, added Haziri.

He said that the party that he belongs to is seriously engaged in coping with this situation and that the party’s structures are determined to support the steering committee and its leader in order for this political crisis to end.

“We continue to engage in order to form the government in relation to the formation of the government in line with the principles and role of LDK in the post election coalition. The June 10 agreement has not been implemented. We have said and confirmed that the agreement is either implemented as a whole or is not implemented at all”, said Haziri. /ibna/