Latest developments in FYROM at the focus of talks between Albania and Turkey

Latest developments in FYROM at the focus of talks between Albania and Turkey

President of Turkey visits Tirana. He talks about the latest developments in FYROM. He says that the Ohrid Agreement must be applied

Tirana, 13 May 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Edison Kurani

Turkish President, Recept Tayyp Erdogan is in Tirana in an official visit, where during an intensive agenda of meetings and ceremonies, he talked about the developments in the region.

In a press conference with the Albanian president, Bujar Nishani, Erdogan said that the 2001 Ohrid Agreement must be applied in FYROM, noting that around a decade and a half ago, this agreement has not yet found full application.

Mr. Erdogan said that Balkan has some people who want to threaten peace and security. Based on these facts, Erdogan said that for Turkish authorities, peace, stability and the welfare of the Balkan is very important.

“We want the recent aggravations recently created in Macedonia to be solved through dialogue and for peace that is guaranteed through the Ohrid Agreement to be delivered. Turkey has suffered a great deal from terrorism and we continue our fight against terror for 30 years and we know the cost of such war. We don’t want such cost to be paid by any nation, regardless of the religion or ethnic group. We must make a clear division between him who has to gain from terror and him who loses from this, but in fact, all sides lose because at the end of the day, war is death”, said President Erdogan.

Erdogan also launched an appeal for the EU: “We are all witnesses of the tragic death of emigrants in the Mediterranean Sea. Europe’s positioning toward them is clear. And I say this like the president of an EU candidate member country. I say this because we have suffered as a result of this. Can we be insensitive toward these poor people? Aren’t these developed countries supposed to offer a solution for these people?”, Erdogan said.

President Nishani too has stopped on the latest events in FYROM. He called for transparency and for the efforts to turn this isolated incident into an ethnic conflict, to come to an end. Meanwhile, he called for the application of the Ohrid Agreemnt.

“The crisis that has engulfed Macedonia must not be allowed to be further escalated. I call on all law enforcement agencies to investigate this shadowy event as soon as possible,  because it has shocked not only Kumanovo and its innocent citizens, but all international partners. We also call for the efforts to turn this unclear and isolated episode into a source of ethnic conflict, to come to an end. We want energies to focus in the solution of these issues between sides through dialogue, including the full implementation of the Ohrid Agreement”, Nishani declared.

Relations between the two countries

Collaboration between Albania and Turkey consists of 89 agreements, protocols and memorandums, starting with the Treaty for Good Friendship and Cooperation to continue with agreements in the domain of education, science, culture, economy, defense, etc.

In 2014, Turkey was Albania’s fourth partner in economic exchanges. Currently, in Albania there are 296 Turkish companies mainly focused in the production of iron, steel, telecommunication, banking system, mines, etc.

For Mr. Erdogan, these facts are not sufficient. In the press conference with the Albanian president, he demanded for the prime ministers of both countries to sign the document of strategic partnership as soon as possible.

“I believe that bilateral commercial relations must be developed more rapidly. My wish is for trade between Albania and Turkey to amount to 1 billion USD and there exists a bilateral will for this. Economic cooperation is not only limited to trade. So far, Turkish investments in Albania amount to 2,7 billion USD”, Erdogan said.

The Turkish president also had a meeting with the Albanian PM, Edi Rama. The two participants discussed not only about the relations between the two countries, but also about the situation in the region, and especially in Kosovo and FYROM.

Strategic partnership was also highlighted in the second press conference with Rama.

“We would sign the strategic agreement between the two countries when I was prime minister, but I could not do it because of the tragedy. Now, I am here as the Turkish President, but I hope that the two prime ministers will finalize this agreement as soon as possible”, said the Turkish president.

This is the second time that Erdogan comes as a president. Six years ago, he visited Albania as a prime minister. Last year, Erdogan was invited by PM Rama to visit Albania in the quality of prime minister, but a tragedy, which occurred and which claimed the lives of several people, cancelled Erdogan’s plan. Today, the head of the Turkish state arrived to Albania upon the invitation of the Albanian counterpart, Nishani.

Turkey and Albania boost their collaboration in the domain of security

In the framework of this official visit that the Turkish president, Recep Tayyp Erdogan is holding in Tirana, the Interior ministers of both countries signed an agreement in the domain of security.

President of Albania praised the signature of the agreement in the domain of security by the Interior ministers.

“The agreement in the domain of security serves to cooperation and infrastructure in the fight against organized crime, traffic and terrorism. This agreement strengthens bilateral cooperation between the two NATO allied countries in this domain and it helps our integrating aspirations and strengthens our position in the joint alliance”, Nishani said. /ibna/

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