Last set of prior actions tabled in Greek parliament

Last set of prior actions tabled in Greek parliament

The Greek government has tabled a series of last-minute amendments in parliament ahead of a crucial Eurogroup meeting on June 15 during which Athens hopes to conclude the ongoing bailout program review.

The content of the amendments submitted to the House was agreed between government officials and representatives of the country’s international creditors in the context of the 140 prior actions Greece must implement to wrap up the review.

Crucially for taxpayers, one of the five amendments tabled provides for 250 million euros in lost income as a result of a “freeze” on pensions in 2022.

The amendments also foresee the restoration of collective bargaining; bringing forward the cutting of the income tax-free threshold to 2019; and allowing for forced auctions of properties to be administered online. The amendments also include provisions redefining political party funding rules with the aim of increasing transparency and less dependency on bank loans.

Earlier, the government had denied reports that it would submit legislation containing “prior actions”. The U-turn signals the determination of the Tsipras administration to secure an agreement at the next Eurogroup meeting.

Opposition parties criticized the government’s handling of the prior action legislation as they were introduced in the form of amendments to unrelated bills, not allowing for proper debate in the House. According to reports, several Syriza MPs have also privately expressed the view that prior actions should have been introduced much sooner.

Parliament will debate the amendments introduced by the government on Friday./ΙΒΝΑ