Large police operation in Exarchia in downtown Athens

Large police operation in Exarchia in downtown Athens

One of the largest police operations in recent years was held today at dawn in the Exarchia area in downtown Athens. In particular, strong police forces from various agencies, MAT, IKKE, EKAM, raided one apartment and two occupied buildings and proceeded to nearly 100 admissions and at least three arrests.

In the apartment the police found quantity of raw cannabis, a precision weighing scale and a sum of money over 2,000 euros. “The police acts and they will continue to do its job, of course in Exarcheia as well”, the Minister of Citizen’s Protection, Olga Gerovasilli, said, pointing out that the operations was being prepared for months.

The attack against the port authorities that had preceded it

Although the minister clarified that the events are not linked, a week ago in the same area, two Coast Guard men who attempted an investigation after capturing a person who was in possession of a large amount of cannabis were attacked violently with wooden beams, stones and knives, by those in the building, but also people gathered outside, while shootings were also reportedly heard.

It is noted that the government has received strong criticism by the opposition that it does not impose order in Exarchia and that it provides cover to groups of anarchists traditionally active in the area. An area where episodes and attacks against police officers are often reported. “After the escalation of violence in Exarchia, with a more prominent example the assault with a knife against a Prosecutor and men of the port authorities, the Greek Police today pointed out that it could very well enforce order, provided the government allows it to do its job” , main opposition party New Democracy commented.

“When there isn’t an operation, they tell us “it is because some do not let the police (do its job)” or “does not want to do its job”. “When there is (an operation) they are searching for ways to downplay the event. I think it is obvious that somebody does not want to have positive news”, Gerovasilli, replied./ibna