Lafazanis: “We are establishing a democratic front that will run in the elections”

Lafazanis: “We are establishing a democratic front that will run in the elections”

Athens, August 21, 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

New attack on Alexis Tsipras unleashed Panagiotis Lafazanis on Thursday night, immediately after the announcement of the prime minister. The elections express that were decided by Alexis Tsipras aim to place a tombstone on the proud “NO” in the referendum, says the Left Platform in a statement, heralding the “establishment of a broad, anti-memorandum, progressive, democratic front that will run decisive in elections to impose the cancellation of all memoranda”.

The announcement:

“Alexis Tsipras, with his proclamation revealed another memorandum face, completely and radically opposed to the hitherto commitments and struggles of SYRIZA.

The first and foremost promise of Tsipras Alexis was the compliance, along with old memorandums of the new third Memorandum of austerity and hard servitude of the country, which he agreed without the consent of the people and without the consent of SYRIZA MPs and memebrs.

The snap elections that were decided by Alexis Tsipras aim to place on the tombstone on proud “NO” of the referendum. To place a gravestone on the anti-memorandum struggles and anti-memorandum expectations of the people.

The snap elections are taking place in August not only to discard the anti-memorandum commitments of SYRIZA, but also to ask the Greek people to put a noose around its neck and to approve a new memorandum, voting the announcements of Tsipras or ND or PASOK or The River, which constituting the parties of the new memorandum consensus.

The Left Platform, faithful to the commitments of SYRIZA, consistent in the “NO” of the Greek people, today raises high the flag of struggle for the way out of the crisis, the productive reconstruction and progress of the country.

The Left Platform will contribute directly to the creation of a broad, anti-memorandum, progressive, democratic front that will run decisive in the elections to impose the cancellation of all memoranda. To promote the removal of most of the debt. To defend the “NO” of the Greek people in the referendum, to annul austerity in salaries and pensions and social spending, to put a stop to the selling off of public property and Greece, to put the country on a new path of national independence, sovereignty, way out, reconstruction and new progressive course”.


And its name “Popular Unity”

Their independence and the formation of a new parliamentary group entitled “Popular Unity” announced today Panagiotis Lafazanis and 25 other SYRIZA MPs, a day after the resignation of the Tsipras government and the proclamation of snap elections.

In response to yesterday’s announcement by the prime minister, confirming the information that spoke of a split inside SYRIZA to be a matter of hours, the head of the Left Platform through a letter to the House, which was read out in plenary, announced the independence of himself and 25 more MPs of the party. “We disclose and declare to Mrs. President of the Greek Parliament, consistent with our electoral commitments, that we leave the parliamentary group to which we belonged and establish an independent parliamentary group under the provisions of the articles of the House Regulations”, the MPs state in their letters.

The MPs who make up the new parliamentary group are: Amanatidou Evangelia, Gaitani Joanna, Delimitros Constantinos Diamantopoulos Evangelos Zana Zisis, Zerdelis John Quiet Konstantinos Ioannidis Ilias Kritsotakis Michael, Kiriakakis Claus, Kyritsi Aglaia, Kotsias Thomas, Lapavitsas Constantinos , Leoutsakos Stathis, Makris Rachel, Ouzounidou Eugenia, Petrakos Athanasios, Samoilis Stefanos, Skoumas Athanasios, Stathas Ioannis, Stratoulis Dimitris, Tsanaka Alexandra, Charalambidou Despina, Psarea Eleni.

According to information of the newspaper “Ethnos”, it has been discussed and is expected to be asked by Mikis Theodorakis to have a prominent role in the party, while there will be a coordinating team representing all tendencies. The key factor will be the Left Platform led by Lafazanis, while it seems that the involvement of Zoe Konstantopoulou has been agreed. Advanced contacts are also taking place with Alekos Alavanos and Manolis Glezos.