Lafazanis: Cooperation only with ANEL – We will cancel memorandum and privatisations

Lafazanis: Cooperation only with ANEL – We will cancel memorandum and privatisations

Athens, January 21, 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

SYRIZA does not choose to exit from the eurozone, nor leave the EU, but suggests a recovery program and the reorganisation of the country, cancellation of the memoranda and strict austerity policy, removal of the troika and implementation of the poverty-tackling policy, extreme poverty, the result of the memoranda, and of course, the deletion of most of the debt.

The priorities of SYRIZA program, “which, in any case we will implement the end”, presented in a detailed interview to the correspondent of the Russian agency RIA-Novosti Gennady Melnik in Athens, until recently parliamentary party spokesperson Panagiotis Lafazanis, who estimated that “we are almost fully confident of an approaching great victory of SYRIZA, which will probably also ensure parliamentary majority for SYRIZA”.

This victory, according to Lafazanis, will not become merely “a starting point for major changes in our country”, but can be the basis for “a domino effect that will cause changes throughout Europe” and in particular to the change of the neoliberal monetarist policies.

According to Lafazanis, “o fcourse and we see and want to have socialist-minded and socialist perspective in the progressive agenda for change, we proposed, but undoubtedly at the same time the issue of socialism is now timely for us, because the critical and timely for Greece is the exit from the crisis”.

Commenting on the policy of EU sanctions, Lafazanis called it “a very bad policy, which seriously affects the Euro-Russian relations, affecting peace and stability in Europe”.

Expressing his opposition to this policy, Lafazanis said that “SYRIZA wants good relations with Russia, which is why the government of the Left will strive to develop these relations and upgrade them to a much better and effective level” .

“Absolutely nothing separates the Greek and the Russian people, Greece and Russia have no problems which would divide us. Good relationships are the only way for the two peoples and the two countries and the improvement of bilateral relations will help our region, will help Greece and Russia, and of course will help all of Europe, the EU as a whole” Lafazanis noted.

Referring to the political alliances after the election, Lafazanis said that “in any case we do not see the possibility of a cooperation of SYRIZA with the PASOK of Evangelos Venizelos, the party “River” of Mr. Theodorakis and if it makes it to the House, with KIDISO of Giorgos Papandreou”.

He left open, however, this possibility for the ANEL, noting that “we will work with forces, which will responsibly be able to follow policy against the memoranda, policy in a progressive direction. This is the basis of our cooperation”.

Commenting on the prospect of privatisation of TRAINOSE and the ports, especially Thessaloniki, for which the Russian side has expressed an interest in, Lafazanis said that “SYRIZA will interrupt the program and the plans to privatise and sell-off of everything from the country. This is accurate. As regards with ports, we will not allow their privatisation.

“The port of Piraeus will be reorganized and will remain a state port, which will be managed by the State, with social control and for the interests of the Greek people. This includes the port of Thessaloniki, all ports and of course the railways. We will revamp the railways of Greece into a new company, public in nature. We will support our public company to develop the rail network, which is so necessary for the country’s development”.

Referring finally to the promise of Prime Minister Antonis Samaras to return pensions to returnees, Lafazanis observed that “Samaras plays with our compatriots, the Pontic Greeks, the Greeks, who came from Russia to Greece. He cut down the pensions to tens of thousands of people who were forced to barely get by. When elections began to approach, the one who cut pensions, says he can restore them and the government will do so after the elections. SYRIZA said it would restore pensions to all those who are part of the Greek world, the Pontic Greeks, Greeks from Russia, our compatriots, and rest assured, we will restore this injustice”.