La Verità bringing democracy back to North Macedonia

La Verità bringing democracy back to North Macedonia

Erol Rizaov

Italian La Verità, Serbian Kurir and domestic old freedom fighters and new couriers are restoring democracy to Macedonia. They are the strongest artillery and logistics leaders of the uprising for the latest liberation of the captive state, which is liberated for the second time by those who captured it the first time round. Poor Macedonia, it’s been independent and autonomous for three decades, and the same captors and saviors are constantly capturing and liberating it. In 29 years of independence, one has ruled for 15, the other for 12 years, and the two parties together with their partners for another two years. Each side evaluates freedom in terms of how it dawned on them. The Macedonian measure very simply determines the level of freedom and democracy according to when it is better for you – whether “your” people, or “their” people are in power.

Admittedly, the strongest evidence and hitherto irrefutable evidence is that the second captured state liberators are far greater heroes than the former. It took them only two years to save the country from police persecution of political opponents and criminals. And they are good alright, they’ve proven themselves to be even greater international scammers, than the home-grown local pickpockets. While the former took eleven years to free us from the regime and the plunderers of the state and citizens, the latter, who know their craft, did so expressly. With a cheap Macedonian-Hungarian-Italian co-production and screenplay they’re shooting a soap opera, a cocktail of lemonade and milkshake for the feats of one Boki Tredici. However, the main discovery by the rescuers from the regime of Zoran Zaev and SDSM is still not visible enough because of Boki. Well, that should not be seen, that is the point, what is not seen in Macedonia is seen in the EU countries and in Brussels.

La Verità’s great feat is in essence the drive to bring back Nikola Gruevski’s regime, with or without him, but also in support of authoritarian far-right regimes not only in Macedonia, but throughout Europe. Hardly anyone in the country read and understood the messages of the European patriots that this newspaper has faithfully and strongly advocated. Therefore, in the very first La Verità bomb, the main headquarters, located in the fascist bunker on the right, dealt a strong blow to protect against the onslaught of Islamists who crushed and disfigured Europe with unimpeded entry of migrants through Macedonia. La Verità’s epochal discovery is that Zoran Zaev is close to the Islamists who, with the help of Angela Merkel and George Soros and their agents and domestic foreign mercenaries installed in NGOs and the media, have overthrown Nikola Gruevski’s democratic order that vigorously protected Europe from the influx of Muslim immigrants. Brussels, Mogherini, Merkel and Soros therefore thwarted Gruevski and democracy in Macedonia, in order to bring Zaev to power to sign the treacherous agreement with Greece and to discredit Macedonia. This is brought in small doses with veiled messages in La Verità, but with clear allusions that previous authorities in Macedonia have been overthrown by international conspiracy of the pro-European left and moderate right and of course America.

It amazes me that the people who spitted blood for allegedly being close to Soros and foreign mercenaries, with their silence are even participating in the latest VMRO DPMNE offensive, accepting the lie of the Italian newspaper, so it turns out that they were in fact instructed to help bring down the democratic rule of Nikola Gruevski. Or, do they still need some time to wake up and realize that it is in fact a special war for the return of the regime, which authoritarian politicians call democracy. A corruption affair such as “Racket” reported to the authorities personally by Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, gets a monstrous political dimension to overthrow the one who reported it as a final defeat of the rule of law and the rule of law. When those who disclose crime are prevented, then only mafia laws apply.

Zaev cannot be forgiven Macedonia’s NATO accession, even less than the Prespa agreement with Greece can be, much less the deal with Bulgaria for good neighborly relations, and what can be least forgiven is his (up until recent) certainty regarding the start of negotiations with the EU. Parallel with the “Racket” affair are the activities of VMRO DPMNE satellites, such as the All-Macedonian Congress, which calls for the annulment of both Prespa and Bulgaria agreements. Since Hristian Mickoski is not even thinking about annulling or changing anything that has been agreed upon, he is only interested in returning to power and releasing innocent defendants and exiles from the top of the party, and this dirty populist work is delegated to marginal VMRO party structures that are regularly activated in such situations.

The idea is with the “Racket” affair to annul and delay the pending criminal cases, as well as those prepared by the SPO. “Reket” is the gift they failed to realize while saving the top of VMRO-DPMNE, neither Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski, President Gjorge Ivanov, Parliament Speaker Trajko Veljanovski, nor the April 27 coup attempt, nor the public prosecutor Marko Zvrlevski with his associates public prosecutors, neither the judicial council, nor the Swarovski judges, nor the Supreme Court headed by Jovo Vangelovski. All these attempts to disrupt the work of the SPO and shut it down ended in failure, though the delay was a classic example of harsh pressures to obstruct justice. Everything that the dark forces faced with the fearful popular uprising failed to accomplish, was done with marginal figures in a corruption affair weighing a million and a half euros that should cover for the multi-billion euro robbery, cover the April 27 bloodshed, cover the biggest human rights and freedoms violations in Macedonia by wiretapping over 20,000 citizens, public figures, to cover the atrocities of the decade-long regime, the darkest period in the history of independent Macedonia, and to punish the perpetrators of these crimes.

This clearly points to the seriousness and responsibility of the approach of the institutions of the system and the judiciary towards a speedy clean up not only of those involved in the affair, but also of all those who have broken the law and for who there is evidence that they are the perpetrators of organized crime and high-level corruption. It’s no coincidence that clear messages are coming from both EU and America, the latest being from Assistant Secretary of State Matthew Plummer and European Commissioner Johannes Hahn, urging a speedy and serious investigation and litigation into the “Racket”. But it is also there is the message that the SPO should continue working smoothly. The investment in Macedonia’s future by launching negotiations with the EU is far greater than any personal fate. Any delay in clearing the affair is a blow to Macedonia’s future.

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