Kurti has not read US proposal on Ujman Lake

Kurti has not read US proposal on Ujman Lake

Kosovo Prime Minister, Albin Kurti, says he has not read a US report on the Ujman Lake. “I have not read the report, we have teams dealing with this issue, and we will comment this issue afterwards,” Kurti said.

On Wednesday, the US Embassy in Pristina said that a US Department of Energy report has been delivered to the Government of Kosovo on the management of the Ujman Lake in accordance with the September 2020 Washington deal that former US President Donald Trump reached separately with Kosovo and Serbia on economic normalization. One of the points of this agreement was also a feasibility study on the management of the artificial Ujman lake.

“Today US Embassy in Pristina and US Embassy Serbia delivered the ENERGY @PNNLab report on water management at Ujmani/Gazivode to the Kosovan and Serbian governments, fulfilling one of the September 4 Washington commitments,” it is written in a statement posted on the official Twitter account of the US Embassy in Pristina on Wednesday.

The report on feasibility study of Ujman Lake has four recommendations on how Kosovo and Serbia should work to manage the reservoir. In this report the US has proposed that Kosovo and Serbia work according to the Treaty of the Columbia River between the US and Canada.

The Ujman/Gazivoda Lake is mostly located in Kosovo’s territory but almost 20 percent of it is part of Serbia’s territory. This artificial lake was accumulated decades ago by the “Iber Lepenci” company, back when Kosovo was part of Yugoslavia. After the end of the war in 1999, there was a lot of tension caused about the lake as Kosovo considers it as its own property, while Serbia claims its ownership since part of it is in Serbia./ibna