The Kurds of Turkey have declared their demand for autonomy

The Kurds of Turkey have declared their demand for autonomy

Ankara, December 28, 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Manolis Kostidis

On December 27, the Kurds of Turkey proclaimed their desire for self-government and autonomy, causing the strong reaction of the Turkish government. Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu immediately canceled the scheduled for December 30 meeting with the president of the pro-Kurdish Party (HDP) Selahattin Demirtaş.

In the “Democratic Congress Society” organised by the Kurds in Diyarbakır, they announced a “road map” to solve the Kurdish problem. In it, besides the request for a new constitution there are proposals for the self-government of municipalities and regions of southeastern Turkey. The Kurds seek to have full control of their education. At the same time they require the recognition of Kurdish as a second official language. They propose the creation of their own security forces in cooperation with Ankara and also want to have total control on health, religion, culture. Essentially, these proposals, which are expressed for the first time in a proclamation of all political forces of the Kurds of Turkey is a request for autonomy in a “nice wrapper”.

“In this century Kourdistan will become a reality. There will be autonomous regions but perhaps there will be such a state”, Demirtas said, causing an earthquake in the Turkish capital.

“I can talk about the Constitution but will not discuss Turkey’s unity. They are supporting terrorism and are attaching conditions to the Prime Minister. Where are the promises that they will become a political party of the whole Turkey?”, Ahmet Davutoglu on the last Declaration of Kurds, visibly irritated and explained the reasons for the cancellation of the meeting with Demirtas.

“PKK is trying to obtain autonomy”

“The PKK seems to be trying to wrest the independence of a Kurdish state, an autonomy the least. It bases this probably in the role it plays in the battles against the Islamic State”, says political analyst of the website Radikal Murat Yetkin.

The state in southeastern Turkey is spiraling out of control. The PKK in dozens of cities and regions has launched a trench battle with Turkish security forces. The result of the fighting is the death of hundreds of civilians, as well as members of the security forces. In Cizre, Silopi, Sur the curfews have been continuous for almost for 25 days. At least 100,000 people have been forced to flee their homes. Cumhuriyet likened the situation in those areas like “Syria and Palestine of Turkey.” “Diyarbakir and several Kurdish towns bordering Iraq, and have a large majority of Kurdish population, have been turned into camps. Curfews, encirclement of cities and street battles have turned part of our country in a battle ground”, says Cengiz Çandar of the newspaper Hürriyet.

Ankara wants the overthrow of Assad, but not the dissolution of Syria

This situation in southeast Turkey is one of the main reasons that Ankara on the one hand wants and insists on the overthrow of Assad and on the other hand insists on the unity of Syria. Turkey has realised that in case of the dissolution of their neighbouring country, it is likely that a Kurdish state will be created in northern Syria, which will be adjoin the Kurds of Turkey who seek their autonomy; a nightmare scenario for the duo Erdogan – Davutoglu

“Maybe you have not understood yet, but the Kurds are cut off both with their hearts and their minds. Because of the pain they live daily, they are moving away from Turkey”, says the experienced Turkish political analyst Hasan Cemal.