Kouvelis: ‘I see no immediate developments on the FYROM name issue’

Kouvelis: ‘I see no immediate developments on the FYROM name issue’


By Spiros Sideris – Thessaloniki

The need for a progressive governance of the country, a new progressive majority of the forces of the center-left, radical left and the political ecology, in which “neither liberalism nor conservatism has a place, and obviously neither does the New Republic”, said Fotis Kouvelis, while answering to questions from journalists he was clear that such a government majority cannot happen without the participation of SYRIZA.

Regarding the stance of DIMAR on the issue of the election of the President of the Republic, he aligned it with the applied policies and did not open his “cards”, saying “all in good time …”, while party officials point to the upcoming party conference for final decisions on the matter. Regarding the involvement of his name in the scenarios that want him a candidate for President of the Republic, he stated that “there is no proposal and no agreement, secret or otherwise, directly or indirectly, or even a hint to me”, and added, “I’m president of DIMAR. I want to serve the reconstruction of the area of democratic socialism and the total recall of DIMAR”.

Asked by IBNA abiut the negotiations on the FYROM name issue, the resolution of the Cyprus issue, and the crisis in the Ukrainian, Mr. Kouvelis replied:

“In regard to Cyprus, the dialogue has begun, I am informed on as to this. Apart from the joint communiqué, which creates a good environment for the development of the dialogue, I must say that so far no agreement has been reached on key issues that relate for example to the political representation of Cyprus. If the representation on the international arena will be unified, if it will be ensured with alternating faces in government power”.

“It’s a tough deal. I do not hasten to tell you that I am optimistic for good results. What I support, is supported and will continue to support is that all possibilities of the dialogue must be exhausted”.

“But, unfortunately, the dialogue is not a dialogue between the Greek Cypriot side and the Turkish Cypriot side. It is a dialogue that is essentially determined, indirectly, by Ankara, determined by Mr. Erdogan. And for this, as I just said, despite the difficulties, we must persevere”.

“I would add only this: persistence in this debate should be from a European country with a clear reference to the European Union and I am talking about Cyprus”.

“Regarding Skopje I see no immediate developments. Even though there are some who try to accelerate things, it will remain for a long time stationary, given the existence of the known difficulties in regard to the issue”.

“The Ukraine issue is not an incidental size. The Ukraine issue and generally the new geopolitical correlations that tend to form undoubtedly create a negative climate for Europe and Greece”.

“Greece is a member of the European Union, Greece must serve a common European foreign policy and to this end, with all the strength our country has should take part in the creation of the conditions that will address the problem as a whole”.

“The general area is troubled, and all such turbulence, upheavals, the emergent new political associations in the region, is evident that they have the “stamp” of the foreign policy of the United States of America.

Photo Spiros Sideris