Koutsoubas: If ND-PASOK had taken SYRIZA’s measures the whole universe would revolt

Koutsoubas: If ND-PASOK had taken SYRIZA’s measures the whole universe would revolt

Athens, January 4, 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

It is a mockery for someone to claim that there will be no pension reductions, said the general secretary of the KKE, Dimitris Koutsoubas, stating his certainty that there will be pension reductions.

Speaking to SKAI television, he said that the Social Security System is a “cause for war” for the people, who should be taking to the streets, since the bill the government will bring “is being introduced to dissolve the social security system”.

“I say that this bill should not be tabled, the people should not choose the type of coffin for social security system”, he notes.

“SYRIZA was chosen by the partners and the bourgeoisie, who have the real power, because it can do the dirty work, if the ND-PASOK governments had taken such measures the whole universe would revolt”, Koutsoubas continued, adding that the people must learn from last year’s experience of the SYRIZA-ANEL governance.

The general secretary expressed the opposition of KKE to the compulsory military service of women who wish to serve in the security forces, as this “would lead to their militarisation”.

Also, referring to the Turkish NOTAM which binds areas of the Aegean for the entire year, he described them as a violation of the sovereignty of Greece.

For the position of KKE on the civil partnerships bill, Koutsoubas explained:

“We believe that cohabitation does not solve the problem. The problem could be solved quite simply because there is legislation in the community we live in, the urban, with specific traditions and institutions.

And since there’s this concept of marriage and cohabitation, either with religious or civil marriage, we said that civil marriage is a universal right that should also be simplified. Because the main argument, when it was first tabled, by the ND I think, was to make the process simpler, to have to go only to a notary and not the town hall, etc. We told them and made a proposal to simplify civil marriage and is the basic form of marriage.

[…] The EU did not chastise Greece for not making a cohabitation Agreement, but because it did it only for heterosexual couples and told them, since you did a cohabitation Agreement, do it for the same-sex couples as well. The EU does not necessarily require you to have a cohabitation Agreement. And we said, since you want to solve it this way, solve it with the political marriage, to simplify all procedures. For same-sex couples that the issue is cohabitation, which voluntarily want and decide, do not equated it with marriage of heterosexual couples, but solved in the Civil Code specifical issues related to wills, inheritance issues, etc., since marriage is also an economic relationship in the conditions we live in, because ultimately that is what it is.

Because that is what they want from cohabitation, heredity, or that I go to the doctor and I cannot get my the medical exams of my partner because I’m not a first-degree relative. This also can be solved with a private contract, because that for that matter it is something that can occur in heterosexual couples as well. We should not get down to the point of discussing the simple issues, these things happen in the “best of families”.

So then, such problems could most simply be solved and have no problem. And I want to say this: The position of the KKE has nothing to do with that of the reactionary, regressive attitudes expressed either by representatives – not from all fortunately – of the hierarchy of the Church, not from all, I repeat, but some extreme voices, although it is completely different of course the view, ideology, the starting point, let alone with the Nazi-fascist beliefs around this issue”.