Kousios: Turkey has become the Pirate of the Eastern Mediterranean

Kousios: Turkey has become the Pirate of the Eastern Mediterranean

The Cypriot Minister of Foreign Affairs is expected to raise rather urgently with his European counterparts the issue of the new breach of law by Turkey and call for more active involvement and mobilization on behalf of the EU, not only on this issue but also on all issues of concern to the Eastern Mediterranean, Government spokesman Kyriakos Kousios stated today.

Addressing the press after meeting with Citizen Alliance President George Lillikas at the Citizens Alliance Headquarters, Kyriakos Kousios thanked the Citizens Alliance leader, with whom he said he shared an old friendship.

“We had the opportunity with Mr. Lillikas to discuss the latest developments both in the Eastern Mediterranean and regarding Turkey’s newest illegal intervention in block 8. We also had the chance to discuss, in a very productive conversation, issues related to the Government’s relations with the parties, with the main opposition, expressing once again our respect for all political parties.

I have expressed our respect for all the political forces which we consider to constitute a pivotal pillar of democracy. One cannot have democracy without parties.

The functioning of the political parties in the main opposition is not only respectable, but desirable as well. It is desirable because it keeps the Government alert to serve the well-meaning interests of our country and our people.

We have agreed with my friend George Lillikas to keep in touch in order to exchange views, and I am happy to do so”.

To a question regarding the developments around the Libya Summit, the Spokesman commented “We welcome an agreement on the Libyan issue; we welcome the ceasefire; it constitutes a positive development. An abysmal situation, as it has tended to evolve in Libya, does not contribute towards peace and stability in the region at all. We hope that the arms embargo and the operation of the technical committee will enable the ceasefire to continue and provide the opportunity to complete the final agreement which will also be submitted to the UN Security Council for approval.

As a country of the region, as a country based upon peace and stability, we would like to see the positive development of the solution to the Libyan issue being realized, and as far as we are allowed to do so, we are ready to contribute in any way we can.

We are a country of stability, we are a country of peace and we cannot adopt any other position, despite the release of the region from any actions that threaten it”.

Called to comment on Turkey’s illegal, provocative actions within Block 8 of Cyprus’ EEZ, the Spokesman replied that “it is well known from the Presidency statement that we are deeply disturbed by Turkey’s newest illegal move and its intervention in item 8. Unfortunately, Turkey has become the pirate of the Mediterranean and the Eastern Mediterranean. Unfortunately, Turkey does not respect neither international law nor the UN resolutions, yet it does not take into account the EU or other countries either, that have repeatedly condemned its illegal efforts, including Russia, the US, England, and I am sure you are aware of the latest European Council’s conclusions.

The Foreign Minister will be participating in the EU Foreign Ministers’ meeting today, where he will raise rather urgently the issue of the latest breach of law by Turkey and call for more active EU involvement, not just on the issue of the recent unacceptable and illegal activities by Turkey, but also for the intervention, the more active involvement on behalf of the EU in all matters of concern to the Eastern Mediterranean”. /ibna