Kousios: “Preparations for the Hague appeal have been completed”

Kousios: “Preparations for the Hague appeal have been completed”

Speaking on Rick’s radio show, Government Spokesman Kyriakos Kousios, on Tuesday morning, referred to criticism of the government’s work and Turkish provocations.

Invited to comment on the criticisms of the government’s work and Turkey’s provocations, the Government Spokesman noted that the tones would be as low as possible. “Where the tones need to go up, they will go up”, he said, adding that there would be political culture to the extent that it can be imposed.

The Spokesman welcomed the lifting of the US arms embargo in Cyprus, describing as very positive the development that is the result of many measures and actions that have taken place over the years, and especially in the recent period.

Asked about the President’s telephone communication with the President of the European Council, he noted that Charles Michel telephoned Nicos Anastasiades to discuss the issues that would be of concern to the European Council. “Of course, the discussion also extended to issues of concern to the Republic of Cyprus and to the well-known issues, such as Turkey’s policy and the Memorandum of Understanding that it has signed with Libya”, Kyriakos Kousios added.

Asked about Nicos Anastasiades’ thoughts and whether they have been finalized and how he will raise the issue at the Summit, the Spokesman said the thoughts have been finalized and communicated to the President of the Council by Nicos Christodoulides, during a meeting of the Foreign Ministers in Brussels.

“At the European Council, the President of the Republic will raise the issues clearly, and in full consultation with Greece we will strive to achieve the best possible (outcome) within the European Council’s decisions”, Kyriakos Kousios added.

The Spokesman did not want to further expand on a question about what will be done with regard to the sanctions to Turkey, as he noted that these are issues that he does not want to discuss in public.

“I believe that President Anastasiades and the Government must be allowed to do what is needed. Undoubtedly, the aim and purpose is to achieve the best possible resolution and the best possible outcome with regard to the sanctions that must be imposed on Turkey in order to force it to stop or at some cost if it does not stop the illegal actions, which are taking a different form every day”, Kousios said.

Asked if the government is concerned about statements by the EU High Representative that the Turkey-Libya Memorandum is a source of serious concern but noted that it is not illegal, the Spokesman noted that “much can be said in the language of diplomacy. It is important that our partners in the EU Listen to our concerns, there is a combined policy and combined actions from Greece and Cyprus because this is a matter for both countries and we believe that we will have positive results. Suffice it to say that it was necessary for the President of the Republic to leave tomorrow to have several contacts to better prepare the ground and to have meetings with Heads of State and Brussels officials in order to better prepare our endeavor to have results at the European Council”.

Concluding, the Government Spokesman informed that preparations for appeal to the Hague Tribunal were completed. There are no other measures or actions to be taken. We are more than ready for it”./ibna