Kotzias to take the FYROM name issue to the National Council for Foreign Policy

Kotzias to take the FYROM name issue to the National Council for Foreign Policy

The plenary debate requested by the Greek Prime Minister to inform the parties concerning the talks in Crans-Montana and the Cyprus issue ended up beng about Skopje and the name dispute that has started up once more following the change in the leadership of FYRO Macedonia and the new government.

The cause were leaks from journalist circles that took place before the start of the talks in Switzerland on the Cyprus issue. At the time reference was made to a supposed proposal made by Athens to Skopje to accept the name Macedonia of Vardar. Something which never took place of course and provoked reactions both in Greece and FYRO Macedonia.

In the context of informing the parties in the plenary session of the Conference on Cyprus in Crans-Montana, some political leaders found the opportunity to raise the issue of the name FYRO Macedonia, which was not answered by Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias who announced that the name issue will be put to the National Council for Foreign Policy in the coming period.

Nikos Kotzias informed the National Delegation that in the coming days he will have a meeting with Matthew Nimetz to discuss the suggestions and impressions, the UN Special Representative on the name issue Of Macedonia had from his meetings in Skopje.

Following  the question that arose between ND  Presdent Kyriakos Mitsotakis and  Defence Minister Panos Kammenos, regarding Mr Kammenos’ position and the official position on the name of FYROM, Mr. Kotzias, stated that “we will discuss Skopje in the National Council of Foreign Affairs “. Kotzias stressed that that it is not a matter for today’s plenary, which is discussing the Cyprus issue.

“We are expecting, this coming week I will see him, Mr. Nimetz, who is coming back to Europe to discuss matters that have to do with the nomenclature.”

Nimetz, as the minister said, was in Skopje five days ago, but “it was impossible to meet him because I was in the negotiation of Switzerland, and I will meet him the next weekend. We will discuss and hear what his proposals and impressions are from the meetings he had in Skopje. “/IBNA