Kotzias: New Democracy’s “back to normality” means re-plundering the state

Kotzias: New Democracy’s “back to normality” means re-plundering the state

Former Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias fired a brutal attack against New Democracy during a meeting of the political council of the Movement of Ideas and Action Pratto, which he heads.

Nikos Kotzias also criticized the other parties, highlighting the political deficit that has taken over the Greek political landscape.

Regarding New Democracy, Nikos Kotzias noted that the party suffers from contradictions and internal conflicts, while its deterioration is faster than expected and within half a year its victory seems like something that happened a long time ago. Its policy is a combination of neoliberalism and authoritarianism, the former Foreign Minister added.

He went on to point out that the populist wing of New Democracy is in decline, as opposed to the hard right. While it has no foreign policy on the one hand, at the same time it does not engage in dialogue regarding its domestic policy.

He believes New Democracy has been exposed as a result of its original propaganda around a flagship plan of its “superb” readiness to govern. The only kind of preparation, it seems, New Democracy did was to re-plunder the state and secure seats for its chosen ones. This is essentially what ‘back to normality’ has been.

What surprised everyone, Nikos Kotzias continued, was the inability of New Democracy to quickly address all the major problems, as well as the way it disparages institutions such as that of the President of the Republic. In addition, New Demcoracy seems to have lost battles when it comes both to national issues, as well as with regards to the refugee issue and addressing urgent problems.

The former Foreign Minister further elaborated by noting that personal differences and ideological clashes, especially around national affairs, are growing within New Democracy. These contradictions also highlight the impasses upon which New Democracy has fallen, as it was proved it had no program apart from the media support.

We had predicted, Nikos Kotzias continued, that New Democracy would not be able to keep the whole oligarchy united. As long as it collected from the people to “put the blame” on it, they stayed united. But once the distribution began (eg Elliniko), the strong contrasts between its different branches came to light.

Referring to the Greek Solution Party, he noted that it is in fact the support of New Democracy. It gives its vote to every economic and social neoliberal policy measure, while supporting every authoritarian initiative and behavior. On one hand it looks to gain from the hits New Democracy takes, while on the other hand it prevents those gains from being exploited by the left.

Referring to the behavior of MERA25 he said that he was impressed, as the party’s main target is SYRIZA and secondarily New Democracy.

Even if it were a centrist party it would be moving differently, he said, adding that he did not understand many foreign policy issues, while its strong bases on economism are evident.

Referring to SYRIZA, he said that its main problem was that it had opened its lines not only to the people who supported the party as a government but also to people who relentlessly fought, like good heirs of Semitism, the left “for the first time” government.

SYRIZA, the former Foreign Minister continued, made a huge mistake after the Prespa Agreement: it underestimated foreign policy and the importance of national issues. The party believed that after the elections the fight with New Democracy would focus on the economy. They could not have been more wrong.

Since summer it is national affairs and the refugee issue that have been in the center of attention. Neo-Semitism, which has grown at the heart of SYRIZA, systematically underestimates the national issues and the feeling of patriotism that has always characterized the left when it came to organizing a mass movement, continued Nikos Kotzias.

Commenting on the developments within SYRIZA, he noted that the party has not been able to win over a portion of the working class that is moving away from New Democracy, and this is a problem. “Internal competition has prevailed; they put the cart in front of the horse. Organizations should serve politics, not the other way around”, he said.

Concluding, Nikos Kotzias noted that some believe that Mitsotakis is likely to shortly announce double early elections. If he chooses to do so, this will be a result of a national issue, but the fact that the main opposition is converging with him does not leave much room at this time to justify such a choice.

If he goes forward with it, he will seek to corner the left with a proposal for a “national unity” government and head to elections straight after that, accusing the left that it rejected that unity, the Pratto leader added. /ibna