Kotzias: The condemnation of the coup does not give carte blanche to the Turkish government

Kotzias: The condemnation of the coup does not give carte blanche to the Turkish government

Athens, July 19, 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

Discussion in the Foreign Affairs Council, that took place in Brussels on Monday, mainly revolved around the attempted coup against the Turkish Government on Friday night, with “guest star” the British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson.

Boris Johnson attracted the attention and interest of both the photojournalist and his homologues at the extraordinary meeting of EU Foreign Ministers. With the embarrassment evident on his face and his movements, the British Foreign Minister gathered more than his share of publicity. In the main session, which discussed the situation in Turkey and the joint statement of the Council conclusions, in which, after the intervention of the Greek Foreign Minister, was included the proposal to Turkey to not think of restoring the death penalty in its legal system, since it does not comply with the European and International Law.


According to the information of IBNA, Nikos Kotzias reminded the analysis he had done previously for Turkey, in which he characterized it as a nervous force with the army always unpredictable and always ready to return to the political scene, in an undemocratic manner.

The multiple contradictions of Turkey, with national, religious and social inequalities were resulting in a political deadlock. The need for the modernization of Turkey in relation to the liberalization of the economy, something not so strongly tied to society, creates mounds towards society, the Greek Foreign Minister continued according to information of IBNA.

He emphasized that the coup had an old-style character. When you take over the state television and not the private one, if you do not take into account the influence of social media, when imams mobilized the world and the Gray Wolves, you have no chance to succeed in an attempted coup, since you will find, as it happened, the ordinary citizens against you and the people will take to the streets.

That the European Union must be against the coup is essential and nonnegotiable. This, however, does not mean that it can support all actions of the current government. The EU’s role should be incentive for greater democracy, to maintain open channels of consultation and discussion between the EU and Turkey, making it understand that it must have a European attitude as a winner against the instigators of the coup.

Nikos Kotzias, according to the IBNA information, made it clear that the EU must show more understanding for the position and situation of Greece and not allow the export of the turkish crisis. Turkey must show self-restraint in respect to human rights and institutions.

Finally, linking the military coup in Turkey, he stressed that this is a living proof that in the solution of the Cyprus problem should not be allowed to have occupation troops and Turkish forces on the island and that Greece is a core of stability. We must urge Turkey to preserve its relationship with the EU, behaving on the basis of European law and the political culture that we have developed in Europe, concluded the Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias.

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