Kosovo’s Tennis Federation is expected to be accepted by European Federation

Kosovo’s Tennis Federation is expected to be accepted by European Federation

Pristina, February 22, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Kosovo’s Tennis Federation is soon expected to be accepted in the European Tennis Federation (Tennis Europe). The annual assembly of the European Tennis Federation will be held at the end of March in Sofia.

The Tennis Federation has applied to be granted a membership with conditioned rights and this application has been granted by European Tennis Federation. Now, the delegates of 49 member countries will decide through their vote as to whether they will accept Kosovo or not.

This is the second time that the matter of the accession of Kosovo’s Tennis Federation is voted.

Last year in Estonia, 26 members voted in favor, 25 against and 11 abstained, thus the necessary 2/3 of the votes for accession was not guaranteed.

In Estonia, delegates from Kosovo were not allowed to speak in the assembly and explain their request for application in front of the members.

Tennis Federation is putting big pressure on domestic and international circles for not allowing youngsters from Kosovo to enjoy equal rights to tennis players from around the world.

This pressure was reasonable and European Tennis Federation decided to allow tennis players from Kosovo in 2013 to participate in international competitions.

It’s the first time that following a 20 year isolation, tennis players from Kosovo have been given the right to play in individual international tournaments, although tennis players from Kosovo can only play under the flag of International Tennis Federation.

The letter signed by the president of Tennis Europe, Jacques Dupre, states that Tennis Europe has decided to offer an opportunity to Kosovo to present its arguments for accession before delegates in the annual assembly in Sofia. /ibna/