Kosovo’s speaker of parliament invites Italian investors to Kosovo

Kosovo’s speaker of parliament invites Italian investors to Kosovo

Senior representatives of the government of Kosovo have travelled to Italy to present the package of new opportunities for strategic investments for Italian and European investors.

Around 21 companies from Kosovo along with PM Isa Mustafa and speaker of parliament, Kadri Veseli are participating in the forum for investment and commerce between Kosovo and Italy, which has started today.

Speaker of parliament, Kadri Veseli has invited Italian investors to Kosovo in order to explore its numerous economic opportunities.

Veseli has added that besides the efficient system of taxes, Kosovo also offers the lowest taxes in Europe.

He said that there are also many other benefits that Kosovo offers such as protection of foreign investors, where their investment is guaranteed through the law on foreign investments.

In spite of the progress that has been made, Veseli said that he was aware of the fact that Kosovo still has economic challenges and although it is marking improvements by the year, trade deficit in Kosovo is still high.

Veseli has promised that economic reforms will continue to be deepened.

“Free economic zones, the lowest operative expenses in Europe, the lowest taxes in Europe, free access to the European Market, Southeastern Europe, Turkey, America, Japan and Norway, protection of foreign investments, improvement of infrastructure and the constant reforms in improving business climate are some of the reasons why Kosovo must be considered as an appropriate country for your investments”, he declared.

Meanwhile, PM Isa Mustafa has presented the reforms undertaken by the government for the improvement of the business climate.

The PM has talked about business opportunities, attraction of investments and Italy’s support in this aspect. /balkaneu.com/