Kosovo’s Prime Minister: Agreement with Serbia will be reached soon

Kosovo’s Prime Minister: Agreement with Serbia will be reached soon

Prishtina, April 4, 2013

Two days after expectations for an agreement in Brussels failed, PM Hashim Thaçi says relations with Serbia will be normalized.

Although parties failed to reach an agreement during the 8th round of negotiations with Serbia, Thaçi is convinced that an agreement between the two countries will be made. The Kosovar PM says he sees challenges in the implementation of the agreement, not the reaching  itself:

“There are skeptics in Kosovo who doubt that an agreement will be reached, but I am optimistic that it will happen,” Thaçi said in a conference organized by the Foreign Affairs Ministry.

He added: “Once the agreement is made, things will start to fall into their place. There will undoubtedly be challenges but the will of those who strike an accord and those who support it is stronger than that of the opponents.”

Thaçi dismissed comparisons between the Rambouillet talks and these negotiations, noting that the current talks aim to put the situation on a normal footing.

Kosovo – Serbia talks in Brussels concluded without a deal. The deadline for Serbia to report back to Brussels whether it accepts the agreement or not expires next Tuesday. If an agreement is indeed reached, Thaçi will have to send it to Kosovo’s Assembly for ratification. /ibna/