Kosovo’s parliament votes the law on raped women

Kosovo’s parliament votes the law on raped women

Pristina, March 20, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

With 69 votes in favor, 9 vote against and 1 abstain, parliament of Kosovo voted today (20.03) in favor of the bill “On the amendment of the bill for the status and rights of martyrs, invalids, veterans, members of KLA, victims of civil war and their families”. Persons who have been subject to sexual violence were categorized as victims of the war.

Teuta Haxhiu, MP of the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo declared during this parliamentary session that parliament has done its job like it should have as far as the inclusion of the categories affected by the war in this bill.

She said that the speaker of parliament, Jakup Krasniqi should have put more pressure in order for several amendments to be included in this bill.

“I’m conveying the concern of the representatives of the war victims, who didn’t find support in any institution, starting from the president, speaker of parliament, who promised them that many specified amendments which relate to raped women would be discussed”, said Haxiu MP.

“They have even talked to the members of the committee and no solution has been found for these families who live on 135 Euros a month. This is discriminating. I’m sorry that the speaker of parliament has not put public pressure in order for these amendments to be included in this bill”, added she.

Speaker of parliament, Jakup Krasniqi has immediately reacted. He said that the speaker of parliament cannot amend laws as this is the job of parliamentary committees.

“Every MP must know his duties”, said Krasniqi ironically.

He said that all categories who have been damaged by the war must live a decent life and must receive the care of society and state institutions.

Meanwhile, Serb MP, Rada Trajkovic said that she objected the laws that uphold the war of KLA, but added that when it comes to the rights of raped women, she supports them.

“It’s clear that personally, I’m against what upholds the war of KLA, but in this case, when it comes to the rights of women raped during the war, I believe that their demands are fair”, said Trajkovic during the plenary session.

The amendment of the law was proposed by Self Determination Movement, in support of the request of the Kosovo’s Women Network, activists of civil society and with contribution of women and girls, victims of sexual violence during the war. /ibna/