Kosovo’s opposition demands early general elections

Kosovo’s opposition demands early general elections

Pristina, 2 September 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Opposition parties in Kosovo are demanding early general elections in order to stop several processes which have a damaging effect on the young state.

The leader of the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo (AAK), Ramush Haradinaj, says that Kosovo is going through a tough period due to three topics which have a national character.

“Special Tribunal, Demarcation and the Association of Serb Communes are three very problematic topics. This is why we need the mobilization of the members of AAK, in order to have a constructive approach but also civilized opposition, in order to correct everything which is possible to be corrected”, he says.

According to him, the bad governing quality may lead the country to early elections, a process which also requires a general mobilization.

Leader of the Incentive for Kosovo, Fatmir Limaj says that the governing coalition between PDK and LDK must stand down as soon as possible.

He says that this is the last chance for a united opposition front.

According to him, the recent agreements reached in Brussels with Serbia, have damaged independent institutions and constitutional order.

“United opposition must work in order to overthrow this coalition. The sooner this coalition leaves, the sooner Kosovo is saved”, he says, adding that the governing coalition doesn’t have a program. /ibna/