Kosovo’s natural beauties presented in Switzerland

Kosovo’s natural beauties presented in Switzerland

The exhibition “Natural Beauties of Kosovo” has opened in the “Ibrahim Kodra” art center in Melide, Switzerland. This exhibition aims at strengthening social and cultural ties between Switzerland and Republic of Kosovo.

This activity was inaugurated by the head of the “Ibrahim Kodra” art center, Mrs. Maria Pacolli, who presented this UN incentive.

Tourism today has become an important a key element for positive transformation, which could lead to sustainable development in economy, society, environment and other domains.

Tourism can also strengthen peace, support understanding between nations, and increase awareness for cultural heritage.

Present in this exhibition was also the ambassador of Kosovo to Bern, Mrs. Nazane Breca, who said that “culture is a great contributor in helping Kosovo to be better known about the treasures that it holds”. /balkaneu.com/