Kosovo’s Foreign Minister visits Skopje

Kosovo’s Foreign Minister visits Skopje

Kosovo’s Foreign Minister, Bexhet Pacolli is staying for an official visit to Skopje today and the focus of this visit was FYROM’s support for Kosovo’s accession in the UNESCO.

The host minister, Nikola Dimitrov said that his country will not have a key role for Kosovo’s accession in the UNESCO, but the decision will be in line with the state’s interests and the interests of the ethnic Albanian community living there.

“Macedonia is carefully handling this issue, because this is an issue that divides the two neighboring countries and for which, we want to have the same position. We don’t play a key role in this matter, because this issue affects two neighboring countries of ours, but if it is introduced in the agenda, we will take into account the interests of our friends in Kosovo and in Serbia, but also the state interests of our fellow citizens of the Albanian community”, Dimitrov said.

Minister Pacolli said that Kosovo is waiting Skopje to offer its support for its accession in international organizations and that each experience from the neighboring country, must be welcomed. Pacolli has expressed the support of his country for FYROM’s accession in the NATO, because the stability of the neighboring country means stability of Kosovo.

The two ministers pledged for cooperation in the domain of economy and the strengthening of relations in other domains too. /balkaneu.com/