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Kosovo’s economy will grow by 3,7%

Kosovo’s economy will grow by 3,7%
Central Bank of Kosovo (BQK) has announced that projections for 2017 suggest that the economy of Kosovo will register a 3,7% growth.

“This growth is expected to be generated from domestic demand, while net exports are predicted to have a negative effect on GDP. Consumption, as the main component of domestic demand, is expected to register real growth of 2,1%, based on the expectation that private consumption will grow by 2,4% and public consumption will grow by 0,6%.

The factors that are expected to play a role on private consumption are, among others, the increase of remittances and growth in lending. Until the end of 2017, remittances are expected to mark an annual growth of 2.8%”, the annual report of BQK states. /

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