Kosovo’s chances for UN membership

Kosovo’s chances for UN membership

As part of its strategy for adherence in international organizations, one of the top priorities for the Republic of Kosovo is its accession in the UN.

Experts of international law told IBNA that Kosovo’s chances for this adherence are not that great.

Professor of European Law, Avni Mazrreku says that the Kosovo may hope to become part of NATO once it becomes part of the European Union. He says that the country has not yet managed to build normal relations with the European Union, because five of its members are yet to recognize its independence.

According to him, since the declaration of independence in 2008, there hasn’t been any significant move by these countries to recognize Kosovo.

Mazrreku says that Kosovo has failed to build a positive image in the international arena, conditioned, according to him, by the attitude of key players in the political and institutional arena in Kosovo.

“I believe that political class in Kosovo has not used the necessary arguments to push influential countries of the European Union to put pressure on those countries which haven’t recognized Kosovo’s independence to do this”, Mazrreku says.

Professor of international law, Vilhard Shala told IBNA that the path to accession in the UN is long.

“A country must apply for accession in the UN by sending a formal request to the Secretary General of this organization. Then, this application reaches the Security Council, where it must have the support of nine out of 15 member countries, in order for the permanent member with the right of veto, not to vote against it”, Shala says.

If the request is approved, he explains, the Security Council recommends an application to the General Assembly, which in turn approves the application for accession of the new state with 2/3 of the votes of the members present in the meeting.

According to him, Kosovo’s request for UN accession can only be successful of China and Russia do not exercise their veto against this process.

Kosovo’s plans for UN accession have constantly been contested by Belgrade.

Serb authorities have openly declared that they will never recognize Kosovo’s independence and will not allow its accession in the UN.

In issues relating to Kosovo, Serbia has been traditionally supported by Russia, a permanent member of the Security Council. Serbia can use the influence that it has on Moscow to block this process. /balkaneu.com/