Kosovo’s case cannot be compared to Cataluña

Kosovo’s case cannot be compared to Cataluña

The case of Kosovo and Cataluña cannot be compared, because the situation is not the same. This is the opinion of Salvador Lluards, researcher at the Spanish Royal Institute “El Cano”.

Lluades points out the differences between Cataluña and Kosovo, stressing that what happened in former Yugoslavia during the ‘90s up to 2000, has no similarities whatsoever with Spain and Cataluña.

“There are many differences between the situation surrounding Kosovo and the one surrounding Cataluña. Spain has been a democratic state for the past 40 years and Cataluña enjoys a high level of autonomy”, Lluades says.

Speaking about the possible scenarios for the solution of the problems between Pristina and Belgrade, Lluardes says that the talks should be intensified and according to him, this dialogue will not lead to a mutual recognition between Kosovo and Serbia.

“I’m expecting to see an agreement between Kosovo and Serbia at the end of June, which will not be easy to achieve, but it’s not impossible. I think that this agreement will go beyond the status quo and that it will not involve exchanging territories”, he said. /ibna/