Kosovo’s budget revenues go up

Kosovo’s budget revenues go up

Pristina, 10 May 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

The new tax package approved by the government of Kosovo has led to an increase of budget revenues.

During the presentation of the 2015 financial report, deputy minister of Finance, Agim Krasniqi said that the differentiation of VAT and the increase of excise have contributed for this growth.

“Compared to 2014, incomes from Customs have grown by 9,3%. This was mainly assisted by normal tax revenues. Revenues from taxes in 2015 have been 951 million Euros. This increase has been assisted by the growth of excise and the start of implementation of the new tax package”, Krasniqi said in front of the parliamentary committee for budget and finance.

The report says that budget expenses have seen an increase of 5,7% compared to 2014, amounting to 1,5 billion Euros.

In 2015, salaries amounted to 525 million euros, expenses for the purchase of goods and services amounted to 205 million euros, while capital expenses were 403 million euros.

2015 ended with a 2% of GDP budget deficit. /balkaneu.com/