Kosovo with a new platform for the dialogue with Serbia

Kosovo with a new platform for the dialogue with Serbia

The government of Kosovo has started to draft a new platform for the dialogue with Serbia. The platform is being coordinated between PM Ramush Haradinaj, Assembly’s Speaker, Kadri Veseli and President Hashim Thaci.

The Prime Minister of Kosovo, Ramush Haradinaj says that the new platform would mark the start of the final phase of the dialogue for the normalization of relations with Serbia.

The PM has also asked from the United States of America, the biggest ally of the country, to be involved in the talks brokered by the EU between Kosovo and Serbia.

Haradinaj has said that the US participation is vital to push talks forward.

“The role of the US is crucial for peace. The talks must result in a mutual recognition between Kosovo and Serbia”, the Prime Minister of Kosovo said.

Pristina and Belgrade have entered a process of dialogue since 2011 and in April 2013, the two countries reached a framework agreement.

This dialogue between the two countries also enabled the Stabilization and Association Agreement for Kosovo. /balkaneu.com/