Kosovo votes for the new Parliament

Kosovo votes for the new Parliament

Early parliamentary elections are being held today in Kosovo. Over 1 million and 872 thousand eligible voters will decide who will govern Kosovo in the next mandate.

Part of this race are 5 coalitions, 19 political parties and 2 civil incentives.

The elections are being observed by 29 thousand monitors from political parties, NGOs, European Union and embassies accredited to Pristina.

Based on opinion polls, these elections are expected to be won by the PDK-AAK-Incentive coalition with Ramush Haradinaj as Prime Minister nominee.

A large number of votes will also be obtained by the Democratic League of Kosovo and Self Determination.

According to analysts, no political party will be able to create a government on its own.

Expert on political affairs, Vilhard Shala told IBNA that the refusal of LDK and Self Determination to become part of the government will once again cause a political crisis, which will delay many important processes in Kosovo.

The previous government led by outgoing Prime Minister, Isa Mustafa was forced to resign following a no confidence vote in Parliament.

The international community has demanded from political parties in Kosovo to form a pro-European government, which will finalize important processes for the country. /balkaneu.com/