Kosovo: Visa liberalization in doubt even for 2016

Kosovo: Visa liberalization in doubt even for 2016

Pristina, 6 June 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Border demarcation with Montenegro could challenge Kosovo’s European Atlantic future. Without the finalization of this process, citizens of Kosovo cannot move freely to EU member countries.

President of Kosovo, Hashim Thaci invites Kosovo MPs to ratify the agreement for the demarcation as a condition set out by Brussels in order to enable the lifting of the visa regime.

Thaci says that without cooperation and dialogue between majority and opposition, Kosovo will face a gridlock in its EU path.

“The European and European Atlantic future will be a condition, a value and a standard of unification and cohesion of the Kosovo political spectrum. This way, given that everyone is a winner in this situation, I am convinced that through positive energies, a common language will be found in order to overcome all the challenges that lead to the liberalization of visas, without threatening Kosovo’s territorial integrity”, the president said.

Meanwhile, Kosovo’s opposition says that it is not ready to give away territory in exchange with the free movement in the EU.

Spokesman of Self Determination, Arber Frasheri says that at the moment when this agreement enters the agenda of the Parliament of Kosovo, they will use different forms to make this ratification impossible.

“We are not ready to give away our land. Self Determination will refuse this agreement within parliament and outside of it and will protest intensively in order for this agreement not to be ratified”, Krasniqi said.

Muharrem Nitaj, member of the leading committee of the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo says that demarcation with Montenegro has not been done properly and that such agreement must be corrected.

“Kosovo MPs must realize how serious this issue is and must not hasten in order to ratify an agreement that causes an 8 thousand hectares of damage to Kosovo”, Nitaj says.

Besides the condition for the border demarcation with Montenegro, Kosovo must also meet another conditions, which is the intensification of the war against organized crime and corruption.

Without meeting these conditions, the European Commission may postpone Kosovo’s visa liberalization for a long time. /balkaneu.com/