Kosovo: The formation of the new govt is a big challenge

Kosovo: The formation of the new govt is a big challenge

Central Election Commission in Kosovo has announced the final results of the 11 June elections.

This gives way to the creation of the new institutions of Kosovo, a process which is being considered as a challenging process, given that none of the coalitions and political parties have secured a big enough majority to form a government.

The leading coalition of PDK, AAK and Incentive does not have the necessary seats in parliament to form a government.

This has encouraged Self Determination Party to call on the parties of the coalition between LDK, AKR and Alternative to launch talks for the creation of a new government.

The new government must obtain at least 61 votes in Parliament. The winning coalition which has 39 seats, must also take into account the minorities, which, according to the Constitution, must be included in the government.

Avni Mazreku, expert of political affairs and professor of European Law, told IBNA that there must be political consensus as the only means for Kosovo to move forward with its agenda.

“Parliamentary parties must come to a political agreement when it comes to matters concerning national interests”, Mazreku says.

Meanwhile, according to Mazreku, if a government is formed, the new government must tackle issues which have not been finalized by the outgoing government.

“The new government doesn’t have an easy political agenda in front of it. In fact, the agenda in which the outgoing government has failed in, is very critical for Kosovo”, Mazreku says.

Professor of Political Sciences, Gjon Culaj told IBNA that the new government must work in order to realize reforms which concern the justice system, fight of corruption and organized crime.

Since the proclamation of Independence, Kosovo hasn’t had a stable government and no cabinet has completed the entire four year term in office, as each government has been forced to resign after a no confidence vote in Parliament. /balkaneu.com/