Kosovo: The dismissal of Foreign Minister asked PDK

Kosovo: The dismissal of Foreign Minister asked PDK

Kosovo’s biggest opposition party, PDK, has called on Prime Minister Albin Kurti to dismiss Foreign Minister and Diaspora, Donika Gervalla for as they say, insulting the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) and war victims.

MP representing the PDK, Abelard Tahiri, addressing media after Parliament session on Thursday said they cannot allow the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kosovo applies the same narration as Serbian authorities. Tahiri urged PM Kurti to dismiss her as soon as possible.

The PDK’s reaction came after media republished a statement of Gervalla who in 2017 stated that she would send materials to the Kosovo Specialist Chambers (KSC) on alleged crimes of certain individuals within the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA).

Reporting before MPs on Thursday Gervalla has denied any cooperation with the KSC and reiterated that The Hague based court was established by the PDK and its allies. Her statements in the Assembly prompted reaction of the PDK MPs who interrupted the session after a intense debate with the ruling MPs of Vetevendosje.

German Ambassador to Kosovo, Jorn Rohde, has reacted following today’s clashes in the Assembly of Kosovo between ruling and opposition MPs.

Ambassador Rohde in a statement posted on Twitter has supported Kosovo Foreign Minister, Donika Gervalla, saying the personal attack against her is unacceptable.

“Today’s scenes in the Assembly were unbecoming for a Parliament. I also find the personal attacks against FM Gervalla unacceptable” wrote Rohde.

“I use this occasion to again underline that Germany, like all EU member states, fully supports the Kosovo Parliament’s decision, passed by a 2/3 majority, to establish the Kosovo Specialist Chambers” Rohde continued in his post.

“Fighting impunity and investigating war crimes and crimes against humanity is part of the Kosovar commitment to the rule of law. Germany is convinced that fighting impunity through national and international criminal courts is part of a responsible legal and foreign policy”.

Concluding, the German Ambassador noted that “there can be no lasting peace in a society without justice. We owe it also to the families of the victims. It is important to support the important work of the KSC which is enshrined in Kosovar law”./ibna