Kosovo submits the report on the dialogue with Serbia

Kosovo submits the report on the dialogue with Serbia

Pristina, 7 October 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Government of Kosovo has submitted to the European Union the Report on the Brussels Dialogue and the process of the implementation of the agreements for the period March 2015-September 2015.

This periodical report presents the state of the agreements reached so far in Brussels. The report signed by the minister for Dialogue, Edita Tahiri, analyzes the factors which have had an impact on the result. The report stresses the violations and delays that Serbia has made in this process.

The agreements that have been reached include topics such as justice, dismantlement of civil protection, the association, etc.

Also, there were two complementary agreements on energy and telecom, in order to advance with the implementation of the 2013 agreements. The only topic remaining in this second stage of the dialogue is the removal of Serb parallel structures from Kosovo.

The findings of this report indicate progress in different domains such as justice, dismantlement of civil protection, car insurance policies, while progress in other domains seems to be limited.

The process of implementation continues to face challenges and paradoxes which prevent the effective application of the agreements.

“I would like to stress the double standards used by Serbia in these talks. On one side, Serbia is working for the implementation of the Brussels’ agreements, while on the other, it continues to support its parallel illegal structures in Kosovo”, the report says.

Kosovo’s government has informed the EU on the fact that the Association of Serb Communes cannot be set up if Serbia doesn’t fully remove its illegal structures from Kosovo. /ibna/