“Kosovo should behave like an independent country”

“Kosovo should behave like an independent country”

Member of New York City Council, Mark Gjonaj said today that relations between Kosovo and US will always be strong and that nothing can hurt them.

Gjonaj made these comments in Pristina, where he’s staying along with a delegation of Albanian-Americans.

“Relations between Kosovo and the US are strong and they will always be. Nothing can hurt the relations that the two countries have managed to build”, Gjonaj said.

According to him, Kosovo is an independent country and should behave like one despite the pressure coming from the international community.

“Kosovo is an independent country and it should start acting like an independent country, without the interference of the international community and external forces. Kosovo should think about its future”, Gjonaj said.

On his part, PM Ramush Haradinaj said that Albanians in the Balkans need their fellow men in the US.

Gjonaj and his associates are staying for a visit to Kosovo. From there they will travel to Albania and Montenegro.

This visit coincides with a difficult period in the relations between Kosovo and the US, following Kosovo’s decision not to suspend the tariffs imposed on goods coming from Serbia.

Two senior American officials of the National Security Council, John Erath and Brad Berkley will visit Pristina on Wednesday to discuss this issue with authorities in Kosovo. /ibna/