Kosovo: New road fines are higher than in the EU countries

Kosovo: New road fines are higher than in the EU countries

Pristina, 22 September 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

New fines have entered in force in Kosovo for road offenders.

According to the new law, these fines are high and unaffordable for offenders. Besides having points lifted from their license, offenders will also be issued fines from 300 to 900 euros and in some cases, their license will be revoked.

IBNA learns that a system which will withdraw the money from the offender’s bank account or other forms, will be used for the payment of the fines.

Authorities say that this law aims at improving road safety. Jeton Rexhepi of the Road Police of Kosovo, says that the new rules will make the roads safer.

“We’re aiming to discipline road offenders and at the same time, create a more ethical behavior on the road”, he says.

Muhamet Krasniqi, expert of road circulation says that the law in question will have a positive impact on the safety of the citizens on the road.

He says that the fines may be high in comparison to the standards of living, but not in comparison to human lives.

Selatin Kacaniku of “Consumer” organization, says that the regulation of a sector through high fines is nothing more than an effort to cash in more money for the budget.

“If we compare these fines with the average incomes of an EU citizen, then these fines are ten times higher there. They are discouraging and counterproductive. This gives way to new forms of corruption”, he said.

900 euro fines are unaffordable, road users say.

Kaltrina is a driver and says that drivers must be more careful on the road, but the fines are high.

“It depends on the offense, but if the fine amounts to 900 euros, then this is a high amount, due to our living standards”, she says.

Meanwhile, in FYROM, the highest fine is 400 euros and the driver’s license may be revoked, depending on the offense. /balkaneu.com/