Kosovo: Rights of women are not respected

Kosovo: Rights of women are not respected

Pristina, 8 March 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Equality between genders is a basic right for the democratic development of the society in Kosovo, with equal opportunities for women and men in order for them to contribute in the political, economic, social and cultural development of the country.

Representatives of NGOs who defend rights of women say that laws, strategies and different documents have been approved for the protection of the rights of women, but all of them are being defeated by the prejudices of society in general.

Sociologist Sibel Halimi says that women in Kosovo continue to be in unfavorable economic and social conditions. According to her, they face extreme poverty and a high level of unemployment.

“The laws that have been voted do guarantee women their rights, but when it comes to the application of these laws, this is a challenge which is hindering the advancement of women in general. The level of the employment of women is nearly 18%, the lowest in all of Europe, as opposed to 55% among men. Violence based on gender is very high. Women continue to be victims of domestic violence. Although the number of reports has grown, it is still considered to be a private matter”, Halimi said.

Igballe Rogova from the Network of Women in Kosovo says that there are three things which have not been implemented in the action plan for gender equality: women in decision making, lack of the implementation of the law against domestic violence and the economic strengthening of women.

“Here we also have the law on inheritance, where women are not entitled to inheritance. Of course, in this case, the law entitles women to inherit. There must be changes in the way court decisions are taken because many judges deny women of their right to inheritance”, she added. /ibna/